WHY, WHY, WHY, WHHHHY would musiciansfriend and guitarcenter stop stocking packs of single guitar strings?

Is selling the just the strings a consumer wants bad for business? I can't sting my guitar the way I want now because none of the sets available use the strings that I bought.


So, on hopefully a more helpful note, are there any other good places to order single strings? I avoided juststrings.com when I realized they'd charge me almost the cost of what I was buying for shipping alone.

Can anyone help me?

*If this is in the wrong forum I apologize
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There are some brands that will make you custom sets (Naked Strings come to mind). You just pick what gauges you want and they'll send you a custom set.
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50 sets for $112 and some change. Thanks pit!! I know where I'm buying my strings from now. No longer will I have to fork over $32.00 to Amazonfor a 10 pack of strings!!
Probably because people who need custom string sets buy them online to save money instead of buying a set and singles.
there probably wasn't much of a demand for single sets, not a lot of guitar players buy them

juststrings is great
Unfortunately Naked Strings doesn't make all the gauges I need, otherwise I'd probably order from them. Besides, I don't think I''m gonna drop $100 on sets of strings...

I may have to just bite the bullet and order from elsewhere; Ehhhhhh :/
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.