How long do you think a person should be playing guitar before attempting this solo?
Average because everyone is gonna be different ofc, what is the median time frame you thing?
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I think if you wanna try and play something, you should try it whenever you feel like it. There isn't a rule for when you're ready, depending on your dedication, experience and talent it could be anywhere from a year to absolutely never.

One thing that you always can and should do, however, is practice something at a slower tempo first and then gradually get better. If you can only play the solo half as fast correctly, then keep on playing it half as fast until you can play it 4/7ths as fast. then 2/3's, then 9/10ths, then full speed.
I learned it after about a year of playing, but there are people that probably learned it a lot earlier and people that have been playing forever that still can't play it.
I learned the cemetary gates solo at 6 months of playing. If you've been playing for about 6 months, you should attempt it and come back to it if you think you can't at a later date
it co,pletely depends on what you've been focusing on. if it were me I wouldn't have triedit for lke a year because i focused on chording for the longest time. if you think you could work it out then go for it.
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I could care less about learning someone else's solo.


^this, is clearly someone who isn't good enough to play someone elses solo......

TS the answer to your question is somewhere between the second you pickup your guitar till the day your buried in the ground. one of the moments will be the one.

everyone learns at different paces, but you could be ready right now, just know that you should know how to do pinch harmonics....
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
You're ready when you say "Ok, I want to learn that solo and nothing is going to stop me.". From then on it's just a matter of actually doing it.

This is an impossible question to actually answer with what you want, TS, the answer actually doesn't exist.
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I could care less about learning someone else's solo.


Hang on...you COULD care less? So that means you care more than you need to, right?

I think you mean you couldN'T care less? Anyway there's a lot to be gained from learning other peoples solos- even if all you want to do is write your own. You can get exposed to new ideas, learn new techniques (or how different people apply the same techniques, licks and scales in different situations...). Learning someone else's solos isn't just about being able to play them back, you know...

The grammar mistake doesn't bother me, it's the way that people put down learning new things that gets me! Even if your playing was perfect (which is pretty much impossible), you'll still learn new things from new people (and their solos...).
@CSG completely agree personally i learnt blues and blues/rock solos first and when i first played Dimebag a new world was open to me along with Huey Morgan (does a article on playing funk in TG) it's always benifical to learn from others to create your style

and in answer to the question trying is the best way to see where you are and will only help you improve and if not there's always more time to learn it when you improve anymore (Y)
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Yeah man you should definitely try it. No harm in trying. Take the parts you cant play, play them over and over until you do.
Do it. I learnt that my first year. Still doesnt sound as good as Dime and I gotta tap the big stretch, but its fun and sounds good.
Its not a hard solo...but it does take some working out to get the right bend pitch and flow.
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If you play 20 minutes each day, it's probably by odds going to be 30x as long of a wait compared to someone who plays 10 hours each day.