I have been blessed/cursed with fat (clumsy) fingers. When I attempt a barre chord on an upper fret, I get string buzz on the finger that is furthest away from the fret. For example, when use an E shape, my middle finger buzzes because my ring finger is preventing it from getting close enough to the fret. Is there any way to fix this, or should I switch to an instrument where fat fingers give an advantage, such as recorder?
Well, first I'm gonna say keep practicing and eventually you and your fingers will adapt.

But, if its a really big problem and you dont want to go through the trials try playing a guitar with jumbo frets or switching to bass for a while.
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practice and you can get it, dont be discouraged
just go one finger a time and repeat

get a chord shape, hold it for a minute
then let go and redo

take some breaks
eventually you'll get there
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