i bought my guitar two years ago and the model is "Tanglewood TW28SL CE Black"
The guitar didn't hav problem for the first and a half year until the fizzing sound started to come out.
The noise was due to the strings hitting the frets at some certain spots but mainly in the higher positions, so then i sent my guitar to a local music store and did the set-up and the problem was fixed.
However, after around 3 months the same problems arised again
I don kno if i should do the set-up again or just invest a new guitar..
cuz every set-up costs $60 and my guitar was just $270
if i hav to fix it every 3 months then i don see it gettin anywhere...

So is this phenominom normal or is there something wrong with my guitar?
the neck is heat warped, happened to my epiphone, dont waste your time or money, that guitar is effed and you should go buy a new one, dont let any stores talking you into trying to fix it cuz they cant, i wasted about $300 on a $250 guitar and it still had a buzz accross the 12th and 13th frets.
could be just a loose fret lifting (maybe the setup guy tapped it back down). That is an easy fix with some super glue wicked in from the ends of the offending fret.

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I don't know about your problem but I was wondering whether you think it's a good guitar or not as I'm thinking of buying one? So could you do pros and cons? Sorry for the thread steal

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