So I've been modding my guitars a bit lately and my mind decided to wander and I had an idea...
All the electronics in an electric guitar are just that - "in" the guitar. Many of us like to mod and play around with switching, blending etc. to change pickup configurations, series/parrallel, in/out phase etc. when things start to get a bit elaborate, this can lead to a rather cluttered guitar with lots of valuable tonewood to hack into.
What if the pickups were hard-wired to a multi-core socket on the guitar which fed a proprietry cable to a floorboard where you could do all the switching from there?
You could have different switches for different functions, if the floorboard contained a simple cpu and software you could store presets of your guitar's switching, so on and so forth.
As far as volume and tone are concerned this could be governed in the guitar still, after the return input from the pedal.

What do we all reckon? And has anyone heard of this being done before?

I haven't seen it done before, except on fancy MIDI and digital guitars, but there's no reason it couldn't work. I actually did have a friend set up a circuit (somehow, don't ask me how) so that his guitar would switch from neck to bridge pickups when he turned on a fuzz pedal. He said it was something to do with impedance, I don't know.
It sounds like a great idea. Let us know how it works out.
Cheers for your reply, this is my first thread.
I don't have the money for the time being but I have a couple of "project" guitars to experiment with. I reckon it'd be a lot simpler than one might think on the guitar side of things, just the raw outputs from the pickups and return inputs for onboard vol and tone.
The clever part and the brains would be in the pedalboard.
If for example you had a guitar with 3 humbuckers each coil-tappable there would be a huge myriad of choice of single/humbucking combinations, phase, series/parallel.
Of course, designing and engineering it all analogue would be very complex indeed.
Have you seen those pickups used on the new Vox guitars which have a single blade, P90 and humbucker in one, if you could have three of those with each of the three features of the individual pickups seperated you'd have a lot of options there!
I know I'm being theoretical but it's fun