I think this would fall into the Melodic Death Metal genre rather than Thrash...
Pretty impressive playing.
But this sounds more like a medley than one song. Take for example the silence at 2:00, followed by a theme that is entirely different from the first half of the song. The unity of the song comes from the outro which reminds of the riff following the intro.
Again, this all sounds really cool. But if you are to play this in a band, you would probably make 2 songs out of this. One using the first half + the outro, and another song using the 2nd half.
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Pretty awesome song. I'd say it's thrashy, but as said before it's more of a collection of riffs rather than a coherent song. It lacks structure. You should separate the riffs, decide which ones fit and write few songs with them. I liked it though.
Interesting riffs. Melodic Death Metal and Thrash mixed. The first half of the song before the break at 01:53 reminds me a lot of the Jester Race album by In Flames. After that point 2:32 is more thrashy. But as tickler444 said, the song sounds like a medley. Listen to it again, 3 riffs on this track can be used for 3 different songs.

Personal fav is the part at 02:55 to 03:45.
Very cool feedback, guys; I appreciate it. I kind of wrote this song with vocals in mind, so that silent part is actually meant to be transitioned with vocals there.

I definitely see what you mean that the parts are different ideas, and there aren't really any repeating parts that give it the flow of a song with traditional structure.

My first attempt here, so I'm actually not surprised what I came up with is cool riffs smashed together haha. But I will keep all that in mind when I write my next song.

Thanks again, and I'll be back soon!
Yes you have some very good riffs. I know that vocals will blend things together better. I like actually like how there are a lot of riffs like this. This is actually very similar to my style. I try to think of this when I am writing. Focus on transition between riffs. I mean some of the riffs you have transition well already, but some of the riffs that don't try to come up with a short little riff to connect the two or alter the end of the first riff a little to help the two fit together. For example a buildup is an example of a transition riff in my eyes. Some parts may never really fit, but I think that you could write several small transitions and things could flow a bit better.