Well if they're cheap worth a go i suppose - also the name is cool.
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They aren't an alternative to new drum heads. They are intended to dampen nasty overtones. IMO if you choose the right drum head you shouldn't need any additional dampening besides maybe a pillow in your bass drum.
These things are amazing. Certainly no substitute for new heads...totally different, wouldn't help to make worn out heads sound better. They dampen just enough of the overtones without killing your tom's sound. I usually cut them in half, that's all I find I really need, and put 1 half on my rack tom, and 2 halves on both floor toms...amazing. As for bass drum, I've never really used one...I use a felt strip on the batter, not a big fan of putting anything in the bass drum. Definitely recommend

*Like Tyler said, if you choose the right drum head you shouldn't need 'em. I wouldn't put them on Pin Stripes or EC2s or hydraulics, any of those rather heavy, double ply heads.
They're worth it, I like a solid hit with short sustain when I hit my toms so I usually put one or two on each tom so they pretty much sound dead. Just the way I like it... But I don't think it's about the right head so much as it is about tuning the head.
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Alright yea sorry didn't mean that their an alternative to new drums, I'm just saying that to me their an alternative to getting a good sound out of the toms and mine are absolutely shite, so didn't mean to say it like that

But I'm fairly convinced by them so I'm probably going to get them within the next couple of days so thanks for your input guys
Definitely get some. They are a god send in the studio when you don't have a spare couple of days to perfectly tune a kit.
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I just picked up a set of these a couple weeks ago and I love them. They're far more effective at eliminating overtones than o-rings or duct tape. If you want more attack or punch from your drums definitely buy a set, they're only like $6.

Go to a super market and spend 50 cents on those sticky hands. They do the same thing and they'll save you money.