I've been looking at some wireless systems lately and was after some advice. I heard Sennheiser make decent systems, I was looking at the freeport system, anyone know if these are any good or are they too low end? I was only looking at spending about £200 (uk stirling) but there seem to be a lot of systems that are around the £400 mark, are these the ones to go for?
Obviously it needs to be reliable for live performances etc.

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i have heard nothing but great things about this new line 6. line 6 recently bought the wireless company XDS so they are now integrating some of their proprietary technology into their newer systems and everything seems to be great with this new line 6
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i would probably step up to the G50 if i was going to go for a line6 unit. im always wary of cheaper units. i have heard good things about that series though. i would step up from the lower end sennheiser freeport either way. shure makes some solid affordable systems as well, just dont go for the bottom of the line ones.
+1 to the Line 6 Relay G50

I own one and I seriously can't tell any difference in my tone when I used a cable compared to the wireless. I also watched a Periphery video where Misha said that the Line 6 Relays are some of the only cheaper wireless systems that work overseas since they use digital signal as opposed to other wirelesses (someone back me up on this?).
I've been using the Audio Technica ATW-701 for live performance since last summer and it has been reliable, with no problems in sound or anything. I got it off good old ebay for £80 second hand, although it's £170 new from thomann...

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