deffiently not an SE, SE's always have PRS on the Truss Rod Cover, unless it is an older one, but it says it's brand new :S

Also the SE Santana has a toggle switch not rotory, It looks like an USA Made PRS tbf, but i very much doubt it, especially at the price, and finally the trem cover is different to all other PRS's i've seen.

I would steer well clear of this one.
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Absolute fake. Look at the trem cover, it's not even flush with the body. Also the top horn isn't cut at all like a real PRS. FAKE!!
Figured as much. Shame, would have been nice if they had just gotten confused and sold a real PRS Custom for the price of a used SE
Forgot to mention that the SE Singlecut has a sort of carved top. It's not the same as a US model, but it looks better than no carve at all.
its not like it raises, its more like the single cut cas a contoured body. that just means corners were sanded smooth.

a true carved top looks raised up because a layer is added and sanded (not really carved...i mean i guess but its not done with a knife or chizel or anything) so that the outside is lower and the middle is raised up....like a les paul or PRS
Fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!
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