I recently came into ownership of a Gibson SG type double neck replica. It has pickups installed but all the wiring is gone. I have some Les Pauls around to reference for wiring. In those, each pickup seems directly wired to the volumes. Am I right in thinking I can wire this thing up exactly the same as a Les Paul but just twist each bridge/neck pickup wires together, so it's wired exactly the same as the Les Paul but with two sets of Pickups. I'm not bothered about the neck selector right now, so would this idea give me a working circuit?
you should ask this in the wiring thread. the guys in there will help you get something working correctly. there are also some good links on the first page that will help you get started yourself. you can find a link to it in the essential links sticky at the top of the forum.

and please use that thread for your wiring questions. thanks.