I have not played guitar for around 20 yrs but am back now with a new rock band and wanted to buy some new distortion and delay effects with a budget of around £150.
I have always used Boss pedals in the past but have never used any of these multi effects units.
My question is, if I bought a Boss basic distortion and delay pedal it would cost me about £150 for both pedals, but I see I can get a Boss ME25 for £150 with loads more effects. Both these prices are for 'new' products so why are they the same sort of price. Is it that the effects on the ME25 are not as good as the individual stomp effects???
Any help would be appreciated as I am not sure which ones to choose.
I have a multi-effects pedal myself and I feel that they are best for players who are still trying to find their tone. Its harder to tweak your tone on a multi-effects because you cant experiment with the order of your pedals and how the signal gets changed. Id say you should look on ebay for some used pedals if you have a budget though. A plus for the multi-effects is the portability since you only carry one instead of four lol.
For my tone I use very little of the effects though and feel like its a waste but hey im a fan of the guitar to amp tone.
Most will probably tell you that individual stomp boxes will sound much better than a multi-fx counterpart. I have found this to be true for the distortion boxes. However, on other effects such as delay, chorus, and reverb, I honestly can not tell the difference between the stomp box and the modeled version. If you're buying the boss mfx pedal - which has all their effects on it - I'm sure they sound pretty good. It's made by the same company so why would they make the mfx version different from the stompbox version.

Honestly I would go for the mfx unit because there's more there to use.
it depends. for anything that can be well modeled digitally, multi-effects are great. that means things like reverb, delay, and a lot of modulation. stuff like overdrive, fuzz and distortion typically dont sound as good on multi-effects.

if you want to experiment and try out new things, m-fx are great. if you want to spend a decent ammount of money (or more) and get a high end m-fx, you can get one that does a lot of great sounds. if you know what you are looking for and only want a few effects, single pedals are the way to go.

for just distortion and delay, i dont see the need to go for a m-fx. or maybe buy the m-fx and also your distortion pedal. because a lot of the time, a combination of a good m-fx and a few single pedals will get you the best results.
I have a multieffects pedal and now i know what effects i like to use. Now that i know and i know what tones i want i can go buy the perfect pedal. One single pedal for an effects will most likely give you the ability to completely edit the tone although many mfx pedals are starting to have that ability too. If you have experience with pedals than go for a regular single effect pedal.
The ME-25 doesn't provide the ability to toggle the FX and distortion on and off during play. It also doesn't have a good interface for tweaking the parameters quickly. You can get more expensive multifx that give you more options. Multifx are well suited for preprogramming a wide variety of styles and quicky switch between them, which is great if you are a cover band.
one thing that scares me is that if it breaks, your done. if 1 pedal breaks, take it out of the chain and keep going.

plus im the weird quirly guy who constantly things of how to better his toen right down to the patch cables so i always like to keep my options open of what to buy next. i feel a multi FX would bore me.
I used to use a multi-effects pedal, but I slowly switched over to all seperate pedals. The reasons why I dislike multi-effect pedals:
They are too hard to change on the fly.
Unless it is a ridiculously expensive pedal, it will not have servos in the pots. When you change to a different setting, the knobs will stay in the same place.
When your multi-effects pedal breaks, you're screwed unless the amp has good built-in distortion. With pedals, if one breaks that pedals out of commision untill it's repaired, no problem. You can still play the gig providing it wasn't your overdrive that broke.
Multi-effects are digital and very hard to repair; they are not able to be modded.

The pros to a multi-effects pedal:
Everything in one.
Depending on the pedal, more options than than a single pedal can offer.
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