ive been trying to learn some Tommy Emanuel songs. ive started with some of his basic stuff, but i cant for the life of me get a bass line and a lead going at the same time.

the problem im having is that i cant get my picking hand to do 2 things at once. it kind of remind me of when my piano teacher gave up on me because i couldn't play right hand and left hand at the same time (thats how it feels with just the picking hand).

finger picking with a bass line just stumps the hell out of me. does anyone recommend any lessons, tutorials or tips for getting that bass line down? many many thanks!
It just takes practice. Take it slow. Go as slow as you need to in order to play it perfectly. Then slowly build up the speed.
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read up and learn lessons on "walking bass[lines]"
that's what you're looking for

and don't start with a pick at first--use your fingers
maybe get into hybrid picking later
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