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Hey guys! What's the number-one played song on your iTunes? This should be interesting!
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parkway drive - boneyards @ 87 plays. cUz 1m br00talZ.
Periphery, love that shit!
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Cups and Cakes - Spinal Tap
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Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold
had something for this.
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Come Clarity by In Flames, with 209 plays. Granted, I usually let a playlist run while I'm working, and this comes up alot.
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I Was Never Your Boyfriend - Tigers Jaw
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Upper Deck San Diego by Joie De Vivre
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what a ripoff

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Quote by Kgrimes2
This should be interesting!
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The glass prison by dream theatre. The breakdown at about 6:00 and the arpeggios at the beginning make it an amazing song, as well as the rest of the song.
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I've been jamming Joie De Vivre a lot, they're awesome.

Yeah they are awesome. It sucks that they're breaking up.
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*opens happytimeharrys head* *finds nothing*

what a ripoff

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Bomb The Music Industry!- Even Winning Feels Bad.
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Iron Maiden- The Talisman

My iPod erased itself some time last year, otherwise it would have probably been Caught Somewhere in Time or These Colours Don't Run.
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Just reviewed my play count because I was curious, and it's actually a tie between Chapter 13 by Lawrence Arms and Woe by Say Anything. Tasty songs.
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Hard for me to tell, as I have a lot of songs with several versions.

...hmm...I guess Mayonaise and Malaise by Local H.
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Quote by nashawa
I Was Never Your Boyfriend - Tigers Jaw

This song is so good.
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Kenotic by Hammock

Kind of surprising, I love that album and song but I would have never thought...
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Ramble On by Led Zeppelin with Come Back by Pearl Jam, close behind it
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Yuck - Suicide Policeman, according to my

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Sumo Cyco - LIMP
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Dead Womb by Death From Above 1979 has about 200, but that's because it's a two minute song, and I had it set on a loop while I slept.
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R.E.M. - Losing My Religion. Although I hardly know the band, I once ended up accidentally putting it on repeat on my iPod while I was asleep, totalling in 117 plays.

It's weird, I now know the song really well while feeling like I hardly know it at all... Oxymorons :S