I`m thinking of replacing the bridge pickup in my Yamaha Pacifica 112. I love the guitar, but the tone isn`t quite right at the moment so I want to replace it and make it an awesome 2nd guitar.

I play in a modern rock/metal band. The music is quite progressive so there will be plenty of clean stuff, nu-metal type riffs, delay soaked leads, and ambient soundscapes, some overdriven stuff too

Tonally, I`ve always found it a struggle to get a really nice hi-gain sound so that`s the priority, although it is important to me to get a good all round sound. I tune down 1/2 step and usually have it Drop D too.

The sound I want is along the lines of the heavy stuff off `The Colour and The Shape`by Foo Fighters, `Mer de Noms`by A Perfect Circle` `Meteora` and `Hybrid Theory` by Linkin Park, `Make Yoursef` by Incubus, any Tool record, and any of the heavy Oceansize stuff.

If anyone has any suggestions I`d be very grateful. I`m new to the idea of pickup changing. Do I have to keep an eye on the actual size of the pickup or are they all the same size?

Thanks very much
you really dont have to worry about size. i would highly suggest a seymour duncan p90 rail. it is a p90 and rail combo in one pickup. i have them in my main guitar and love them. but if you dont have much experience in installing pickups the push pull pot might be a little daunting. check them out at the seymour duncan website