i need help fella's. lets start with the backstory (or you can skip to the bolded line below if you don't care).

i used to own a '72 RI tele deluxe and wanted an upgraded version, so i sold off the RI and started hunting for pieces to make my own. this is what's giving me the headache:

they're a pair of '75 Seth Lover tele deluxe pups. what i was planning on building the entire guitar around.

my problem? well, i finally convinced warmoth to 'hand route' the cavities for this pup on my body of choice (heavily modified tele body) but i don't want to run a pick guard on the guitar. i am getting controls rear mounted to show off the 1 piece ash body i want to order; but they don't make pup mounting rings for wide range tele deluxe pups!

i guess my options are 'wood mounting' or trying to make/acquire custom pup mounting rings.

i wouldn't mind insight into acquiring my pup mounting rings, the pro's and con's of wood mounting a pup, or other alternatives available to me to get these pups mounted.

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you could make a pup ring out of wood. I think if you have a natural ash body and you got some walnut to make pup rings out of it would be teh sex.
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i did more running around and talking. looks like we are gonna mold 'em outta fiber glass or carbon fiber or have my step dad make me some wood ones.

i am leaning toward the wood ones, walnut sounds good too. thx fella's.
punk isn't dead, it's always smelled that way.

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem."
Hello, I have been doing carbon fiber for the past 12 years and i am trying to see if there is a market in the guitar world. I would be willing to help you out if you are looking at doing carbon fiber.
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I came across a similar problem this week. I wanted to buy pup rings first, but I'll try to keep as much of my instrument wooden, so I'll make them myself. Not sure yet if I'll glue 4 sticks together or take 1 bigger part and cut the hole out. Probably the latter.
Yeah, make it yourself
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how about getting a pickguard and cutting around the part that hold the pickups into pickup rings?

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