Hi, this is my first post here and I come in search of information.

Last year I purchased a 1968 Yamaha SA-30 for 100 GBP (I really don't think the guy knew what he was selling...). It's in cherry red with the wood effect coming through the paint. There is some signs of wear at the top of the body where the players arm is in contact with the guitar and 1 of the pick up settings does not work. It looks incredibly nice for a guitar of this age! My question is, How much is it worth exactly? The reason I ask is that I am looking for a Les Paul classic and need to sell a couple of my current guitars to pay for one.



Unfortunately the only picture I have of it is this one:

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just saw one on ebay for $1500 but that one is mint i think, also has a tremelobar. hope this still is some use to you.