I'm in the process of putting together a little basement studio for some rock/metal stuff I have in my head. I have a couple of guitars and will be using a digitech rp1000 as the recording interface for now. I picked up ezdrummer for drums.

Right now I have no bass, never really played one, and I can sort of emulate it with effects. But I've been strongly considering picking up a used one or cheap one just to lay down some music.

Whats the general consensus around here?
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Are you going to use VST's or the RP's amp models? Cause a bass will sound very different.
I tried it with my 500 once through a Fender Twin model Sounded very gritty, not the hifi glassy sound I like in basses.

I like the easy of use of using the models for the guitar, but I'd probably do bypass mode for the bass and use vsts, I assumed that would work. If not I might see about a low-end bass mfx pedal or something.

I should note that my primary reservation here is the WAF, and just spending money on something I probably won't use too much.

But I'm leaning towards a craigslist bass.
definitely worth it
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im in the same situation as you. I did and it's ace. Defintely improved my playing!

What did you end up getting?
I have a $200 Silvertone beginner bass that I use for recording purposes.
Shifting a guitar down an octave isn't nearly the same as an actual bass.

I usually just go direct to the mixer unless I can borrow a bass amp from someone. Then I use a capsule condensor close to the cone, a large diaphragm condensor one to two feet away and I DI it as well.

I'd reccomend getting a decent used bass. Much better than shitty starter packs.
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My first few bass recordings were actually done on a keyboard, using instrument banks run through a Bassman amp sim. I got annoyed with how staccato the notes were and bought a cheap bass along with a 10-watt Acoustic amp. In the process of learning how to use the darn thing, I realized I actually enjoyed playing bass, got a better one, and my songs have definitely reaped the benefits of that.

So in short, yes. Get a cheap bass and a low-watt amp (I recommend an Acoustic, I got my B10 for under $100), mic that dude up, and go from there. You'll be glad you did.
i bought a bass just to record with. it is very worth it. sounds a whole lot better than pitch shifting a guitar, and is usually better than using a bass synth. with a decent bass you can just go DI and get a pretty solid sound with minimal effects.
I bought a cheap bass for the purpose of recording and the few times I've had to fill in on bass for peeps. Just a good old Squier Jazz Bass. Its better than any synth bass I've used. I typically run it through Pod Farm since I've got everything for it and it helps.
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