In no particular order:

A twig in the river
is an arrow
to the ocean.

Water sloshes past
as I contemplate
the Universe.

Wind rustles the tall grass,
drowning out all
other sounds.

Too much time,
not enough time.
How long did that take?

I stand and listen
as a bug crawls up
my pantleg.

The wind blows the
dandelion fuzz-- What
could it be wishing for?

I cross the bridge
from quiet
back to loud.

Moss grows on
dead branches-- it's not
a waste of space

Spinning, dancing, pushing
each other away.
Two leaves in the water.
I agree with the above statement. Keep it up.

I personally enjoyed the first, fourth, seventh, and eighth haiku.
I loved it man. You have a great way with haikus, in my opinion, they're hard as hell to make something good out of
Good job, and I'd really appreciate it if you checked out "Anxiety" in my sig.
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WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.