Im looking for a New Amp that fits my gear, i need a litte of your wisdom please!

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Multi Proccesing Pedal rp 250

Range of Prices

Style of Music
I like to play a wide variety of genres including, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Punk Rock

I would really apreciate any help
Jet City amps...they're what your looking for

If you can wait, save up for a Jet City JCA22h, its the 2 channel variant of the normal JCA20h. Its 20w, so its good for recording and loud enough to play with a band. When it releases it'll be about $499.00 i believe. It plays Classic Rock damn near perfectly (atleast the JCA20h could, so im assuming the JCA22h will be even better), and with a few pedals im sure you could achieve any metal tone you'd EVER want with it. Im probably gonna save up and buy one myself

And unless you already have a cab, im sure you could probably find (or build your own) cab for cheap
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The Jet City is out of his price range new, even used is a bit of a stretch unless he can get the combo version.

If you need that much versatility look into a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60, or a iused Peavey Classic 30.
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I'd also recommend a Peavey Vypyr Tube. Great amps for the price. Go used and you'll also be able to get a Sanpera. The I is great for home use, the II is great for gigging.
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