Hey everyone I'm going to keep this as simple as possible, and hope that you will have success in doing this.

First Step- Removing strings and Cleaning the Floyd Rose Trem

-Remove the old strings

-Remove the panel on the back of the guitar, and remove springs from the Floyd Rose trem

-Remove the Floyd Rose and Inspect the Tremelo Studs and "Knife Edge" where the bridge pivets.

Note: if there is any damage to either- use a file or emory cloth to smooth out the stud and the knife edge

-After inspecting both parts use a lubricant of your own preference, and apply the lubricant to the trem stud and knife edge on the bridge.

-Attach the bridge back to the trem studs and connect the springs to the bridge

Second Step Stringing the Floyd Rose Trem

-Cut the Looped/Balled/Nutted end of the string

-Lock strings into the bridge

-Tighten the strings without fully tuning the guitar (you only want enough tension to keep the strings in place.

-After all strings are on, use the tremolo bar to hold the bridge down ( a little more than flush with the guitar)

Tighten Fine tuning knobs halfway-
-Tune in this order:

6 (Low E) tune to E# "Half Step Up"
1 (High E) tune to E# "Half Step Up"
2 (B) Tune sharp
3 (G) Tune sharp
5 (A) Tune Standard A
4 (D) Tune Standard D

Tighten the Nuts at the top then fine tune, and presto! Not only will you notice an improvement in performance of the Floyd Rose, but it will stay in tune, and the bridge will not stick. If you have any questions please email me ryangrant47@gmail.com
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