I only play guitar , and I'd like to put ideas in actual musical form instead of GuitarPro.

Thing is, my bass player doesn't have an amp, and I can't but 6 different mics for the drummer, so I wanna do it all on my computer.

Problem is, I don't have an amp for my electric guitar, and I'd like to play that through a VST(I think that's what they're called, a computer amp if my terminology is incorrect).

Oh, I'm 16 without a job, so this needs to be free/pretty inexpensive.

So I would like:

  • A good few cheap/free "computer amps" that are great for metal
  • A drum and bass simulator (As in, an actually instrument that can play programmed notes
  • A decant (Max: $100) interface for my guitar.

I'll be using REAPER for all of this.

Also, you can do something in GuitarPro that lets you export your track to MIDI. If you were, for example, to make up a drum part in GuitarPro, export it to MIDI, and in REAPER/The drum VSTi open the MIDI file, would it come out as a good quality drum track?

Thanks for your help, I'm a complete noob at this stuff.

Quote by NosralTserrof
I'll be using REAPER for all of this.

Well then, several of your problems have already been solved.

Reaper comes with a number of amp sims built in; they're under the FX/plugins folder, so just add them to your recorded tracks and Bob's your uncle, as the kids say. I'm also rather fond of Shred Suite, which is free and comes with a number of popular models plus a cool mix-and-match feature.

For drums, you can program them directly on Reaper's MIDI roll. I wrote two tutorials on how to do exactly that, which you can find in the R&R Resource sticky at the top of this forum.
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You have an electric guitar, but no amp and yet you created a "Jet City Amps" group?
Also, you are in a band and no one in it has any amplifiers?
I'm curious as to how you practice with your band...

You can find free VST amp simulators easily. Le Poulin has a bunch of good free ones.
As for your interface, you're looking at around $100-$200 for a one to two track interface.

EDIT: You can make the drums in EZDrummer and export them to essentially any drum program. I don't know of any that don't use MIDI other than virtual drum machines.
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