HELP. I have reason to believe my neck joint is cracked I have a Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow and the paint on the top of the neck joint is cracked all the way to the pickup and down the side by the strap button, but no where else. How can I fix this or is this a loose cannon waiting to blow? I need help please!
Well that could either be a minor thing or a major one. If its a small(not deep) crack then you should be fine. If its a deep crack then it probably ruined more than the paint and I can no longer help. If it's just the paint, the worst thing that could happen is that it could strip but only if you try to remove it or touch the crack.

When I read the title and first sentence, I didn't think you would be referring to a guitar. Well....It is UG, how silly of me.
Pictures would help assess the damage
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Pictures would help assess the damage

What he said
if its a bolt on neck its easy to replace. not always cheap tho. i just got a fender strat neck for £30 built by some guy in his garage (a pro obviously) and its great, its even slightly wider at the top which has saved me a world of trouble with putting on a locking nut. and its also really nice wood and i think the frets are lower profile. point is you dont have to get a proper one, often handmade ones can be better and are always cheaper