Hey guys,
Can someone please tell me how much does the IBANEZ JEM77 cost? You know the black guitar with the floral design. I really want that guitar but I've seen too many imitations floating around.

The catalogue says

Pick ups
Neck - DiMarzio® Evolution® (H)
Middle - DiMarzio® Evolution® (S)
Brideg - DiMarzio® Evo2™ (H)

Floral Pattern FP2 (red inlays)
Scalloped frets 21-24
Edge Bridge

These aren't the specs of the imitations and those fools expect me to believe that the imitation guitar is the one Steve Vai uses and it costs like 900 USD. Bullshit.

Also, Ibanez will not ship to the Middle East. Sometimes I fukin hate this place.

It's between £2000 and £3200 depending where you buy it from, personally I would just go with a secondhand jem 7v if you're after something virtually identical but at around £1300-1400