Just wondering what all your opinions on these 2 pickups are...for acoustic. Which makes the guitar amplified sound most natural or....should I say...amplified but still sounding as true to an acoustic guitar as possible. Thanks.
It depends...

If you don't mess around with the controls a lot then the LR Baggs Imix or LR Baggs dual source will have a more natural sound. These two LR Baggs systems have the controls hidden in the soundhole which can be a bit difficult to access and they don't give you a tone control. They just give you volume and a balance between the two pickups which does change tone but it's not as dramatic as a regular tone control. The mixer for the LR Baggs system does offer some tone adjustment but it's not something you can do on the fly, it's something that requires you to use a screwdriver so you set it once and then use your amp or preamp for the rest of your tone controls. These systems also have more problems with feedback than the taylor system.

The taylor system is better than the single source LR Baggs systems.

To sum it up. The right LR Baggs system is more natural sounding but doesn't allow for dramatic (easy) tone adjustment. The Taylor system has better onboard features and can handle being played louder without feedback but doesn't sound as natural.

I like the LR Baggs system better because it suits my acoustic style and I want the most natural sound possible but there are a lot of reasons you might want to consider the tayor system instead.
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Ya I have two guitars with an L.R. Baggs pickup, one with the Element and one with the iBeam and they both sound really natural when amped. I dig em!
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