So im going to buy a guitar for my bands rehearsal room, so do you have any tips of guitars for about 300$ with a tune-o-matic bridge, humbuckers, 24 frets and preferrably a strat model that's good for metal?
Mim strat sounds about right. Try to find a fat strat ( a humbucker in the bridge ) if you want metal
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i was going to say epiphone but strat model got me.

chapman ml1 or whatever? ibanez model?
Oh and i tried out the cort X-2 today and it was pretty good, only problem was that it had a tremolo bridge, if you know an equivalent guitar with tune-o-matic bridge it would be great
I'd definitely recommend either the ESP/LTD F or M or MH series. The F is a bit radically shaped, so you may want an M or MH better. Also, Guitar Center has some used HSS Mexi Strats for around $300. If all else fails, Ibanez.
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MIM strats for metal????? I just bought one today (SSS config) and it can't do metal. The HSS might be better but it won't be as good as a guitar with 2 humbuckers. I use an Ibanez ART300 for rock and metal. It isn't strat shaped so you could go for the ESP/LTD or the RG series by Ibanez.
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Used Schecter C-1. Or buy a dirt-cheap used MIM strat and replace with a prewired Duncan/EMG/Dimarzio pickguard.
look at some ltd's would be my suggestion.
their H-series specifically
h-51, h-101, H-330.
other schecter could be a good bet.