i am trying to re-tube my HD head(not combo) and am having trouble removing the amp from the cab. All the screws are out and its loose but wont come out. The bottom screw are out and the ones holding the backplate on are also out. Seems the backplate is stuck. I dont wanna screw this up. To all you peeps who have done this before, whats the trick?
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Just stick a screw driver in the seam between the cab and the backplate. Mine was in there tight and I had to pry it a bit to get the backplate off.

What kinda tubes ya putting in?
I just got it off. It was just Tolex to Tolex sticky. i hated to possibly ding the wood but i did the screwdriver method. The tubes going in are a pair of Mullard EL84's I got from Doug's Tubes and a pair of JJ 12AX7 i got from M.F. I have had it for more than a year and it was time.
Mine had all JJ tubes in it stock. i thought i read somewhere they were all cheap chinese tubes.
I dont remember what kind of tubes mine had, I just know it sounded better after the change. I run mine through a BH 1x12 with an eminence swamp thang in it, sound awesome.
Wow, what a f'in difference that tube swap made. i wasnt prepared for that. The notes ring out, articulate and clear. This is a case of shoulda done it a long time ago.
Imagine how good it would sound with real British Mullards then.
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