Hello everyone, my friend's grad party is coming up this summer and I'm having trouble deciding what to get him. He is still in the beginner stage of guitar playing in my opinion; right now he has a first act strat style electric he found at a garage sale for 25 bucks. However he feels he is ready for an upgrade. I have a Yamaha rgz 612 and he says he wants to buy himself one like mine. I searched musicians friend and guitar center and found the Ibanez grx20 and the Ibanez rg120. I would like to buy him one of these two for his party. However the reviews say they are both beginner guitars, and there is no point getting him a guitar that is the same as he already has. Which of these two is better? Are either good guitars? It might be helpful to know I am 16, so I can’t afford getting him anything over $200. Should I just get him something else altogether?

Thanks everyone,