Question Pit: I've had a pain in my jaw for close to a week now, most notably when I yawn, I'll get a sharp, very painful burst right at the height of the yawn. Otherwise it's a dull ache in the side of my jaw. And I can feel a little bit of swelling on the afflicted side, nothing serious, but notable.

Anyway, people have all been telling me it's probably a wisdom tooth coming through. I didn't think that was something I would have to expect for years/decades yet though. I'm 20, isn't that too early to be dealing with wisdom teeth?
I wouldn't say 20 is too early at all. I'm 22 and they've both come through and are causing trouble already.



Sounds about right for wisdom teeth to me. I'm 21 and mine started coming through a year or so ago. They're still coming through, but the painful bit appears to be over. Lower jaw was the worst for me, but they weren't too bad.
I'm 17 and I've got just the 1 wisdom tooth at the moment and I had the same aches and pains you've described before I started to feel a bit of the tooth poking through the gum.
I was 16 when I got mine pulled... See a dentist or something, they'll be able to actually tell what's going on...
I'm almost 19 close to August and I can feel them coming in, I'd say at 20 you should be fine
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Aw man, I was hoping it wouldn't be wisdom teeth, they sound like such a pain in the ass... seems like that's what it is though
I'm 18 I have to get mine surgically removed, as they are sideways, and partially impacted (only the sharp part actually comes through my gums, the rest is below the gumline). It looks pretty weird on the xrays
i had all 4 of mine out at once not long ago, im 20 btw, they wherent causing any pain or anything, but i could feel them comin out, so got em out before the pain kicked in

also when u get them out, BEWARE OF THE DRY SOCKET, it'll be the worst pain u'll ever feel
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I'm 18 and I need to get my wisdom teeth removed sometime in the next year. So, get it checked out?
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I only have 3 wisdom teeth!
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Just go to the dentist. Only way to know for sure. I got lucky. I have all my wisdom teeth and they never hurt or anything. Just saw a dentist and he said I have absolutely perfect, textbook teeth.
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