I have an original Floyd rose, and I'm a little frustrated with the thing that screws the wammy bar into the little whammy bar hole on the bridge. (Sorry, but I don't know the proper terminology) When ever I play, it gets looser and makes the whammy bar a little wobbly, and surprisingly, it gets really frustrating after a while. Does anyone know any tricks that could get that little screw to stay tight. (sorry if you can't understand me because English isn't my first language)
Lol, dude I know exactly what you're going through. It comes loose because of the vibrations of the guitar. I found that put a layer of plumbers tape on the bar that inserts into the trem. Keeps it from wobbling even in the screw comes loose. Not sure how to keep the screw tight though. Hope this helps.
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Tightening the collet (the bit that holds the bar to the trem) doesn't keep it tight?
Try what smithmetal suggested, put some plumbers teflon tape around the threaded part on the trem and then put the bar in, that should hold it tighter.
Same problem with my Charvel

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i have a charvel san dimas 2009 production model. it has square saddles without the bevelled ends but still i have the same trouble with the bar eventually getting loose. but it because it's always in the way when going for the toggle switch or volume knob but when you want to use it, it should be there. by turning it around everytime it is always going to get loose.

solution is tightening it again i guess. even with tape it would eventually wear out and have the same trouble.
I went out and bought some plumber's tape, and now it works just like I want it to. Thanks for all of the help!
The plumbers tape will also help to allow certain Floyds to "flutter" if you flick the bar.
It's a well-known trick of the trade.
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