So I just got my new tube amp today and am bored with all my usual riffs so you guys should reccomend me some fun blues riffs or songs (or maybe backing tracks) to play, maybe like this . Preferably with tabs and please refrain from whining about not using tabs, I'm feeling lazy and I'm a noob. Thanks
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playing blues licks along any fusion is fun.

try playing over some of those long free form miles davis tunes. they usually stay in one key and are like 30 minutes of vamps so you can solo till your hearts content.
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Yeah try some Joe Bonamassa. I'm not much of a fan, but he is a talented blues rock player without question. You could also try some Dr. Feelgood, now that is quality blues rock.
For fun blues rock try out songs like Bobby Parker's "Watch Your Step" or Clapton's version of "Steppin' Out" for size.