hey guys,

i was thinking. so i have a POS monster s-100 20 foot cable which is probably eating my treble in my sound. could i just cut this bad boy in half, get 2 planet waves connectors (2 monster connectors already on the cable) which would create myself 2 10 foot insutrment cables?

in essence - can the planet waves cables use ANY standard cable type? or does it have to be planet waves cable?

if so, why do they sell the connctors by themselves without planet waves cable?

about the monster not fitting - this cheapo monster has thinner, pliable cable compared to say my livewire. slightly thinner and WAY more bendy (actually sucks to use, it kinks up like a mofo whole playing...and cause its 20 foot)
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the loss of tone from 10 feet of cable is not audible to the human ear.
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Why don't you just get regular jacks from a parts store? You have to solder a tiny bit, but will be a lot cheaper.

http://www.mouser.com/Interconnects/Audio-Video-Connectors/Phone-Connectors/_/N-778cv?P=1z0yxtiZ1yzvc3fZ1yzv8y5 If mouser's shipping is crazy on them, you can look around online or get them in any electronics retailer like radio shack.

It would probably still come out cheaper even if you can't borrow and have to buy a little soldering set up, plus a soldering iron is great for any musician to keep around.

I agree with morgan though, much longer and the high end drop off will start to be noticeable if you're listening for it, but I think a 20ft cable between guitar and amp should be just fine.
no. thats the issue.

i run a 12-15ish foot instrument cable, into my board, then a have tihs POS 20 foot monster. so im pushing between 30-40 foot of cable. i could easily knock 10 off of that AND get myself another cable out of it by cutting the 20 footer in half.

instead of buying a new cable, i just get 2 jacks. i see it as a win win. i get 2 soldeless jacks (COOL....especially if i can make any length cable out of them real fast), improves sound, gets me more cables!!!!

so again....can these planet waves jacks accept any cable? or is the planet waves cable supplied special. like a certain diameter or something?
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