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I recently got back into playing guitar after a 8 year hiatus and would love some suggestions. I am looking for fun blues/jazzy/acoustic artists that are awesome to listen to as well as play. I have always been a harder music guy but with my renewed interest in guitar I have been trying to widen my musical tastes and knowledge. Thanks a ton!
Tosin Abasi/ Animals as leaders. Well this isn't acoustic by any means, but it'd be a cool thing to listen to if your into more progressive stuff. Some of the chording is very interesting and his use of hybrid picking/ slap bass technique is quite unique.

For acoustic I'd recommend bob kilgore, and Andy McKee if you wanna go nuts.
Kurt Rosenwinkel

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If you're looking for some good acoustic stuff, try some Tommy Emmanuel. I'd reccommend his live album, to get a taste of his material/
Listen to jazz, it'll make you a better guitar player.

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