OK, so I am planning out some new gear I am goin to be getting this summer after working a part time job. I have got some guys together for a band, and we plan on doing some school related shows and maybe some small gigs next year. I know that I want to get a used Carvin x100b for its 80s gain tones and versatility.

I will need a cab to go with the x100b, which is where I am lost. I would prefer a 2x12 rather than a full 4x12 for transportation/weight/space reasons. Will any 2x12 designed for modern metal/rock tones work well, or is there a specific type of speaker that I need?

The second concern is the lack of footswitchable boost on the x100b. How do people work around this? is it simply a matter of sticking a boost/drive pedal in front of the amp and ignoring the switch, or will this yield less satisfactory results?

I am fine going used on the cab, but I would prefer to keep it to $300 tops. I am located in San Diego.
Anxiously Anticipating An Attractive ADA-MP1 Addition!
Yeah i was looking at that cab, seemed nice and light. And i figure the pedal is just part of the cost of the amp really, seeing how great the rest of the deal is. thanks!
Anxiously Anticipating An Attractive ADA-MP1 Addition!