Hi everyone,

I've been touring and gigging extensively with a Vox AC4. It's surprisingly done the job this far but I'm looking for something with slightly more headroom, and also a little more depth tonewise. I'm after quite a bright, 'sparkly' tone. I've been strongly thinking about a Vox AC15 or AC30 but was wondering if you had any other suggestions! I would be looking to spend £500 or less

In my opinion, for bright sparkly cleans (im assuming cleans since you mentioned more headroom) Fender gets the job done almost every time. However it will have a different voicing which is worth consideration.
Would you be going new or used? The blues series is good. I'd probably lean towards that or an AC30.

What guitars are you using with it also? if you love the vox tones you may want to stay vox
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I'd go with the AC15 or AC30 if you want sparkly, jangly cleans. What kind of driven tone are you going for? What genres do you play?
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Edit after re-reading the OP

Get an AC30. Start haunting the used market. Something good will come up.
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