Does anybody make a chassis like this but for a 2203?

I saw one from Ceriatone but the faceplate was plexi sized.

Specs would be: JCM800 size faceplate, rocker switches, 2203 (4 power tubes)

Mojotone makes one but it is also for a 2204.

yeah i was looking at that but its the same size as a plexi. basically i want a jcm800 chassis clone.

JCM800 Faceplate size

Size of most of the chassises (chassi?) out there.

the pic in the first post is what i want but it only has 2 powertube holes. i want something with 4.
I think mojotone sells faceplates and chassis for Marshalls.

*feet shuffling*



Don't forget to check in the resource thread for suppliers and such, some guy (me) spent a lot of time getting a list for electronics together.
that was the faceplate i was planning on using if i could find the proper chassis. i looked in the resource thread but i could not find your part.
yeh i looked at weber but they dont copy the chassis, they have their own layout. im looking to copy the chassis. if im not used to how it looks it will drive my OCD crazy.

ive found this website http://www.brownsound.it/prodotti.html they have a copy but its in Italy and it is expensive ($200) if i cant find anything else ill probably go with that.
you can contact mojo and see if they'll make one. otherwise you can just grab a blank chassis and have someone drill it out for you.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer