Aite stumbled upon this site...

Go to the electric guitars section and for example the dean vmnt angel of deth usually 1099 is like $600 on this site... http://www.wholesale-sale.us/dean-dave-mustaine-v-angel-of-death-wcase_p8089.html

RC7 usually $2700 is like $1225...

Any experience with the site?

I know im prolly gonna get flamed for this and be called a dumbass but whatever. Just asking a question
Bank of China and Western Union logos on the bottom? I'm gonna go ahead and say no.

EDIT: Based in China... My guess would be that they make the prices just a few hundred bucks lower to be a good deal, but still be believable. They're probably Chinese fakes if anything.

Yeah... definitely fake

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Never dealt with them but prices look good. I will check reviews about the website. Seems pretty legit. Check also where they are located.
If you have to ask, then it's probably not safe
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It's appearance looks almost exactly like www.amazon.com. So no it's not legit. Don't bother.
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Read the "About us" tab at the top of the page. It tells you everythig you want to know. Chinese products by Chinese people at Chinese prices.
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First, you have an awesome pic, and an even better name. Really awesome!

So I can't bring myself to be as angry as I was going to. But have a look at this. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1382694

It's stickied. Proof that no one actually reads stickies...
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would they be good to buy then modify? are the pickups the real deal at least?
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would they be good to buy then modify? are the pickups the real deal at least?

NO NO NO!!!! Absolutely all the parts are Chinese JUNK!!!! If you want pickups that squeal horribly and a body made of balsawood go ahead and buy one
"We guarantee that all products offered on our website will have 100% appearance the same as the originals, not only in the picture, but also when you receive them ."

Always look out for that one.
Read the sticky man. Chinese wholesale = FAKE. Just copies with brand name logos illegally placed on the headstocks.
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