I have an Ibanez GIO. Thats all the headstock says. I was hoping someone could help me identify what it actually is. I looked on the Ibanez website at their GIO series. But mine was nowhere to be found. I did not buy my guitar, it was given to me by a family friend. so i have no idea of its origins.
sorry i dont have a better image of it. I would take a new one but i left it at home last break.
I think it's a GRX40. Older model, I think. The current ones I can find are GRX20's with two humbuckers.
wow, ive actually found good reviews of it. Ive been told by a few people that it sucked when they played it.
As r0ck said its a GRX40. They come in starter packs with a real junky amp and some other stuff.


They aren't very good guitars, but as a real low end guitar you can't really expect much. Still, those ratings are way off, that thing shouldn't score anywhere near that high. I know, I had one as my first guitar.
I believe it is a GRX40 as well.

-HSS pickup configuration
- Same colour scheme [the one in the picture is black, but it say the guitar is also available in metallica red]
- 2 knobs
- Same tremolo




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