Hi guys,

In Tech I may be building a new guitar body and The Flying V has come to mind. To start everything off I will need a template.

I have done a lot of looking around and I found templates that are $60US Dollars, not to keen to pay that much for those templates.

Anyone know where I can download full scale templates that I can print onto several A4 pages and then glue them together? Or something along those lines?


Has anyone used Macrocarpa for a Guitar Body?

I dont really know where to buy a template, but I CAN tell you how I made mine. Its pretty freakin easy. I found a HQ picture of the guitar I wanted to build and then saved it to my computer. Then I increased the size of the image until the scale length was correct and printed it out. I tested the process first by doing it with a guitar that I already own and it ended up the same size. It helps to have acess to a printer large enough to print out the entire picture though. Lucky for me, the place where my mom works has HUGE printers so I had her do it. But give it a try bro, im sure it will work for you!

I downloaded Auto CAD DWG Viewer and a Flying V Template. It takes angles, measures etc..so carefully working that onto a couple of sheets of A3 .