I met a guy on craigslist who offered me a digitech gnx4 with everything it came with plus cubase software and 100 dollars for my two ibanez guitars an rg5ex1 and an rg2ex1. BUT i already have a hardwire tl2 and was never one to 'digitally model' my sound and i dont really use effects either so i guess my question is not only is this a good trade but is it a smart thing for me to do?
no, dont do that trade. If you dont use effects, the interface on the gnx seems to be the only part of the trade of value to you. However, as an interface the gnx is terrible, and cubase se is also the worst recording program i've used this side of windows sound recorder.
Thanks for the advice man. I thought it would be a cool gadget to have around but then i realized i really wouldnt get to use it much because of my straightforward style.