Hey guys!

I would really appreciate if you guys could perhaps give me some tips on how to make my song really shine. Let me just start off by giving you a link to my soundcloud:

That's the song right there(last chorus is the best part). Here are some specs:

Recorded on Sonar X1
Guitar with Guitar Rig 4
Bass with my guitar in Guitar Rig 4 (dropped an octave digitally)
Drums in FL Studio 9 with Session Drummer Samples (I hate the session drummer interface)
Vox with MXL 2006 into a Fast Track II

I would really appreciate some tips on how to make the vox shine more like with some funky backing vox.(yeah the singer kinda sucks in this song, but feedback still appreciated)

Currently it just sounds like it's several tracks layered on each other but most pop songs have these backing tracks that just fill up the entire spectrum! :O

Also any other tips are welcome!
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Ok, firstly the vocals need some form of pitch-correction... I suspect auto-tune would sound too obvious on something this wobbly in pitch (no offence, but the singer strays around the note a lot) so Melodyne would be the best bet.

Also, either you've got a ton of pumping compression going on on the master bus, or you've got some phasing issues (probably this) as the guitars are all over the place volume-wise. I'm expecting part of this is down to your 'bass' track. Did you change the sound of the guitar before shifting it down, and maybe run it through a bass amp sim? If not, it might help, but essentially you're never going to get good results shifting something a whole octave below it's recorded pitch, unless it's a perfect sine wave on a soft-synth!

And were the guitars double tracked or anything? Whatever you've done, there is definitely a lot of issues with the track even before the vocals.

I don't mean to sound terribly picky btw, because I get the impression you are striving for much higher quality from your post, and therefore I'm being honest about what you have going on in the mix. With that in mind, there's little else I can be sure of (as in, the cause of issues) without looking at the mix myself, and the issues I mentioned were so distracting I barely noticed whether the instruments sounded good tone-wise... The average person would listen to it, and appreciate it more, but I think they'd still know it had issues - they just wouldn't know what they were, and might undervalue the issues as they'd know you self-produced it.
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I truly appreciate your feedback! I don't take any offense to it since I am a beginner to this whole recording thing. I just use it for demo's for the band.

There is indeed some weird pumping thing going on. So let me break it down here.

I have 3 guitar tracks. 2 rhythm tracks paned 70% to each side and 1 lead track in the middle (only for chorus bridge and the main intro)

These go to a separate bus just so i can regulate the total guitar volume and that bus then goes into the master.

I have a bass track that goes into the master. (i dropped the pitch inside guitar rig before the amp sim)

I have vox tracks and that's where i think one of my problems lie. I don't know how to compress these and make them sound good. So what I do is just throw a compressor on each vox track (i use a preset given by sonar x1) and then i route it to a vox track where i apply a "boost" vst which boosts the signal so everything is all even in the end.

I do the same for the master track (the boost vst).

Here is a pic of my setup:


I also want to add that the vox send is not being used.
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I think you did a great job on the mixing. Congtraz.
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Really? Or are you being sarcastic? Because your opinion differs a lot from what DisarmGoliath said :P Either way Thanks!
DisarmGoliath nailed most of the major things: pumping, weak vocal performance etc.

In order for you to make the vocals sound more like a professional pop song, you need to do a ton of layering and harmonies; in order to do this you need either a rock solid vocalist who can do each harmony, or the original performance needs to be solid enough or tuned perfectly so you can then just use Autotune or Melodyne to generate harmonies. Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5S24lnEzl0&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_464393 the layering going on is nuts and fills the spectrum as you said.

Delays are also very common on pop vocals because they help spread the vocals across the stereo field without being super noticeable. I like to add enough reverb to where you can't really hear it, but it moves the vocal far enough to back to give it some space and so that it's not dry and in your face.

When it comes to compression it's difficult to give advice because it's different for every singer, performance, etc. All you can really do there is experiment until you find something that sounds best. I got in the bad habit of just smashing the shit out of all my vocals and just going with it, but it really drains all of the energy and life out of the performance so now I'm in the process of going back and remixing all my songs with vocals (blaaaaah).

Edit: you should post stems! Yaaaay stems!
I'll see if i can fix the pumping. I think it has to do with 2 things: The bass not 'octaving' propperly and that my drum track is exactly what it is. Just 1 track mixed down from fruity loops. Maybe the kick is just pumping everything else.