Thrash metal/Heavy metal just for bedroom use, and mabue a band. Not sure though. But definitely bedroom use.
Hey there, l think l've found a great amp, which costs less than 150 british quid and sure as hell is as versatile as one so cheap can get! It's called Fender Mustang I (as in one), costs around a £100 and is suitable for anything. You even get an usb cable with it and can do so much shit you cant even imagine. Google it, you wont be sorry
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Look into a Peavey Vypyr or Vox VT+ (haven't tried the current VT+ models, but earlier versions were nice, so the new ones should be worth a try, too).
You have received alot of mentions for the Fender Mustang. I got the Mustang iii today. It is well over your price range but I demo'd the i and ii while at GC. The iii and i are similar except the iii has alot more editing potential.

Anyway, if you were thinking about a peavy or line 6, forget it. The mustang has set a new standard. Even though it is a solid state, the iii feels like a tube at times. Sorry to say that the i and ii don't share that characteristic but they are amazing. I have a Boss Ds for my old amp and realized that the effects/pedals built in are alot better.

Is it any wonder most stores are sold out of these (I got the last Mustang iii at GC, they sold out in 3 days after their first order). The only other competitor might be the VOX but that only because I have never played one.