hi.ive decided to get a new guitar and am gonna go for an american tele.just wondering if anyone could tell me differences between the standard, the delux and the custom other the price and if the delux or the custom are worth the extra money. thanks.
A Telecaster Custom is one that has a humbucker in the neck position and a different control layout. The only one Fender makes right now is a Mexican-made model. They're considerably different to regular Teles and arne't capable of the usual Tele sounds. If what you want is a good, normal Telecaster then don't look at the Custom.

The American Deluxe Telecaster has binding around the body and abalone fret markers. THey don't effect the sound at all but some people think they look nicer. The most important differences are that the quality of the wood use dont he Deluxe is higher than the wood in the Standard and it's easier to play on. The Deluxe has a compound radius fretboard which means it's just as easy to play chords and stuff on the lower frets but it gets a little flatter on the higher frets so it's easier to do big bends and faster playing. The neck heel where the neck is bolted on tot he body is also rounded off so the high fret access is much better. It also has an S1 switch which means you can choose between the middle position of the 3-way switch being either bridge+neck parallel for the normal Tele tone or bridge+neck series for a fatter and louder tone. I'm pretty sure the Deluxe also has locking tuners which are staggered so there's no need for string retainers behind the nut while the Standard only has regular locking tuners? Something like that.

Basically the Deluxe is a completely tricked-out, easier to play and better sounding guitar. The Standard isn't much different from the American Special and Highway One Telecasters actually.