Hey guys Revtend finally back on stage for the Launch of the 1st full length entitled Welcome to Hell.

For the bash we have the presence of friends and M.O.R.G. and Slither so it is certainly a fun night.
Everyone is invited to attend this party that promises to be lively.

Entry: 4 €
Opening doors: 22h.

In an aside to mention that I take for personal reasons, our drummer Ricardo Vieira left, after 5 years and a half the Revtend and that this concert will count on Hugo Almeida (Metalpoint) on drums.
Moreover, as we need full time drummer or session for the concerts to promote the album appeal to drummers interested to contact us.
This should be done by email (revtend@gmail.com)

Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revtend/155436151141403 )

Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/revtend)

We are waiting for you.

And do not forget, July 1, all appear in Metalpoint

Big Hug
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