I received a package yesterday… after getting rid of layers after layers of cardboard and protective air-bags I found a case. (A very nice looking case!) Inside that case I found a guitar. It was my new Yamaha SG2000 that had arrived and that I had eagerly awaited for the whole week.

Yamaha states it to be the ultimate solid-body electric guitar. After playing mine for a couple of hours, I believe that this statement may contain a bit of truth…
First of all, it is not a Gibson SG-copy – it is more like a double cut-away Les Paul, with mahogany body and a carved maple top. But Yamaha didn’t just want to copy Gibson’s design; they wanted to make a better guitar.

The Yamaha SG2000 has a three-piece laminated neck with a maple centerpiece that goes through the whole guitar, and mahogany sides. It has a solid brass block under the bridge that is a Yamaha invention, dubbed a “sustain block” and that is supposed to transfer more of the vibrations to the body and increase sustain. The ebony fretboard has a quite flat radius, and the neck profile is close to a Gibson 50’s (thick and rounded). It also has push/pull coil taps on the tone controls on both of its Yamaha humbuckers - which seems to be excellent pickups, with Yamaha-designed plastic covers that protect the windings from dirt, but without interfering with the sound like a metal-cover is said to do.

Weight-wise it is a very heavy guitar, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable as it is perfectly balanced. The build quality is outstanding, and I can’t find a single thing to complain about.

The tone is a lot brighter than a Les Paul, which I feel is something very positive - it doesn't get muddy which I feel is my biggest complaint on the LP. It arrived with an excellent setup with the lowest action I've seen and not a tiny bit of fret buzz.

So, did Yamaha succeed in building the ultimate electric guitar? Personally, I believe that in many ways – they did. Of course, a guitar can’t be a Strat, a Tele and a Les Paul at the same time – but if I could only have one guitar; the Yamaha SG2000 is the one.

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Mother of god. That is a beauty. I'm sure it was worth every penny.
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Looks very nice! I really like the look on that bridge!

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very nice, they're meant to be great.
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sexy, my uncles got one of them, he's also got an SG200 and SG700 and tbh my preference is the 700, might just be his though, i just cant get used to the 2000, don't get me wrong its a top quality guitar, it's just one of them things of personal preference

either way they're fantastic guitars, hope you enjoy it!
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