I was thinking about buying this guitar:


As you can see, it's only 25.5" scale, on an 8-string. I'm going to tune it down to at least F, so in case it gets too sloppy (comments acknowledging or denying this are welcome), will I be able to change to another neck of, say 27"?

Thanks in advance!
As long as the neck fits the pocket properly and the strings don't hang off the sides, go for it.

But, if the distance from the Neck Pocket to the bridge is different for the different neck, and the neck isn't just 1.5" bigger, you'll have to change the bridge Position. If you find a neck thats 1.5" longer and fits the pocket that would be Ideal.

Also, the Pickups could be placed at a strange harmonic spot on a 27" Scale, as most Humbuckers on a 25.5" Scale are placed at where the 27th fret would be, and With a strat Ive heard the neck pup is placed at the would be 24th fret.
I think that just a 1 semitone under the normal tuning in the 8 string (F#) shouldnt be much problem, but then again, ive never played an 8 string.
You can't just change neck scale without careful planning.
12th fret needs to be exactly halfway down the string, if you put in a longer neck, 12th fret will be further from the bridge so the intonation may go way off. It can be done provided the the fret placing on the neck is correct, but you will end up with either loads of frets, or losing some off the end (can't remember which way round off the top of my head)
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I'm pretty sure you can't swap scale lengths like that. The scale length changes the placement of the frets on the neck and is designed to be paired with a body of the same scale length. If you add that extra inch and a half to the neck, suddenly the length of each fret is off by an inch and a half over the entire length of the guitar. This makes intonation practically impossible. Scale length does more than add a couple of frets to the end...
Quote by the_perdestrian
you would have to move your bridge afterward and probably your pickups. what I would do is just buy this

it isn't a pointy V but its got a 28 inch scale.

Hmm ok. I'll try another 25.5" scale 8-string at a music store, like one of those LTD's, and if it feels right I'll go for the Hornet. It's just so awesome with a different body shape on an 8-string!
you could get a fretless neck in the scale you want, and add your own frets in the correct place!
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