I'm looking into getting a looping pedal but i can't seem to find any information on one vital point. This may have been asked in an earlier thread, but you'll have to excuse my ignorance, since i'm new to here (at least i'll use that as an excuse).

Anyway, what i'm wanting to know, is there a loop-station that lets u go DIRECTLY from recording a loop to overdubbing it. And by that, i mean, you press the record button play your loop, then press the overdub button to begin overdubbing.

Basically all the pedals i've come across don't do this. Instead, you have to press the record button, play your loop, press the record/play button to stop your loop, it will then begin looping and you have to wait for it to loop once before you can overdub it. I've tried double-tapping the record button but this just isn't practicle as any person who loops would know, is that timing is essential....
I have a Digitech JamMan at the moment but luckily its on a trial period, beause i've found out that it doesn't allow this. Its got one button for "Record/Play/Overdub". I just find its a huge flaw in design, its pain staking, having to wait for the first loop to finish before i can begin to overdub, especially when playing live.

Now, i do know that one pedal, the Line 6 DL4 does go directly to overdubbing from a recording, but the DL4 is getting on in age, it only has a 14 or so second looping capability, which is pretty limited. And from what i've read, apparently not even the Line 6 JM4 (Line 6's dedicated looper) goes straight to overdub.

Sorry for the long post, but hopefully you can understand what my problem is.
If you know of any pedals or have anything to add please do, help is greatly appreciated!
Digitech RP500 but you have to download the looper for it, but it's free so no big deal.
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Boss has a new looper, the RC-3. Don't know if it does it that way or not, but it has 99 memories and a near unlimited time capability, so just pre-record everything for live performances.
on the dl4 you can loop in "half speed" mode and get 28 seconds. alternatively, i think the m9/m13 has the same looper. and has like 24/48 seconds i believe
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