Something I put together in the past couple hours. I titled it americana intro because I feel it covers a little bit of blues, jazz and country all rolled into 37 seconds of axing.

Crit for crit guaranteed! Ive been playing for about 8 years on and off and I have a good ear for good tunes.

Anyways, please help a brother out and let me know what you think.

Thank you my fellow UG'ers

cut. it. out.
Thanks man!

Im running a jay turser jt-142 jazz box -$220 new- (cheap, made in china knock off of a gibson es-335) plugged into a digitech rp-155 multi effects pedal -$100 new- connected via usb ($20 for the cable) into my lap top (hand me down) and using audacity (free) to record.
cut. it. out.
sick. for some reason...i thought doors. in my head the next part shifted into a bluesy jazz swing. anyway, i liked it, you have a nice bluesy tone
I loved it, though I am into a little bit more of a depressed playing style than that. It made me feel like it was a very fun day on the beach. You have amazing tone, the main thing I liked about it. It made me feel a little like dancing. You should continue to work on it and make a whole song for it.

Btw, would you crit me? Newbie recorder here.
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