All I heard of them is really a hit and miss . Heavy as hell necks and very poor output PU's.
It is good for a beginner that does not want to put out money to justify the sound ,etc you want from a more expensive Bass.
I suggest save up a bit more and buy something worthwhile.
I don't know shit about them, but they look pretty cool. anuything thats 125 new is gonna be a pile of crap for the most part. i would check pawnshops for squires and peaveys.
no sir away a papaya war is on
Cheers, both of you.

I get the impression that this ebay account is like a pawn shop. To be honest, I wouldnt buy anything without trying it first, but hey each to their own; I will relay your feedback.

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You can pick up some great deals off ebay, you just have to go about it with some diligence.
Read the description and all the info on any bass you bid on. I have picked up a few great deals on ebay. Its like at any given time there are literally dozens of pages of basses for auction. The better sellers will have a return policy . The other month there was a dealer selling brand new unused 5 string Ibanez's that were display models at a trade show. They were going at 100 bucks each. You just have to spend a lot of time going through the auctions and finding that right one to bid on.
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Check out the selllers feedback and see if other buyers like the bass....
Odd looking. Schecter body, Spector board, Ibanez headstock kind of mashup?

Anyway, the singer in my band bought an acoustic guitar the other month that was made by Crafter, just a cheap thing, he wanted to take up guitar.

It was a pretty decent thing, especially for the money. As for what the basses would be like, who knows.
The other guitarist in my band had a cruiser crafter guitar and the nut broke 3 times, he's smashing it to bits on monday. Theyre pretty much just beginner guitars/ basses.

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