My friend Dart (now known as Technodactyl) and myself (now known as Jesotechnis) started this project as a joke. We did all of this yesterday, using nothing but my computer and a Rockband microphone. In the process, we discovered that, despite it just being for laughs, we actually really liked how it sounded. I was hoping to get your opinions on how this could be improved. I'm still trying to find a reverse cymbal to make some of the transitions a little cooler, so if anyone knows where to find one in Ableton Suite, let me know.

The track is on my profile.
lol did you try to end on 420?
beats my techno song ijust made..... that was ****in sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, no; the track was supposed to be longer, but Ableton didn't export the echos at the end that were supposed to fade out.

And there will be more; thanks for the compliment.
i'll crit as i listen - Cool ambient intro. I like the tremelo synth thing! I like the beat going at 1:38 or so. You should try to hook up the mic to a vocoder vst or something.. And give it like a robotic voice. All the transitions sounded nice. Haha it was actually a pretty cool song! Some of the synths and drums them self could sound better quality wise but it still sounded decent, in my opinion.

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We tried for awhile to find a more Daft-Punkish voice, but didn't have much luck; I'll see if I can find something to add in.