So I picked up a used JH-1 wah off ebay. The seller had 100% feedback however I don't know if it's functional. This is my first pedal. I'm going through a Roland Cube 30

So this is how I plugged it
Guitar > Wah Pedal > Amp
I used 2 1/4" Guitar cables

I switched where the cables plug into in every way imaginable to no avail. I even swapped the battery and again nothing. I don't know what to do. Do I need stereo cables or something?
did you turn the wah on?
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what actually happens? do you get sound, but no wah? no sound at all? etc
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I get sound but no wah. Do I need to buy a different cable or something. Or will any cable with a 1/4" plug work?
regular guitar chords are fine. as mentioned did you depress the footpedal all the way down until it turns the wah on? that pedal won't just come on when you press the footpedal unless it's been turned on first.